09-07-2021/ Posted by Federica Piccoli/

The LIFE MILCH project is organized in 13 specific actions:

  • A. Preparatory actions
    • A1 Creation of working group and sharing of the working method
    • A2 Elaboration of clinical-anamnestic questionnaires for women
    • A3 Ethical Committee project approval
  • B. Implementation actions
    • B1 1st screening on the mother-child couple in the two project pilot areas (Emilia-Romagna and Sardinia)
    • B2 Quantification of EDCs levels in infant formulas and assessment of the release of potential EDCs from various baby formula containers and baby bottles: a comparative analysis
    • B3 Establishment of Risk Assessment Models for EDCs environmental exposure, breast milk or formula contamination for infants’ growth to increase public awareness and implement intervention strategies
    • B4 Prevention campaign for women
    • B5 Round table with the commercial operators involved in the marketing of artificial milk
  • C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
    • C1 2nd screening on the mother-child couple to evaluate the effectiveness of the prevention campaign, in the short-medium term
    • C2 Evaluation of the long-term impact of prevention actions addressed to stakeholders
  • D. Public awareness and dissemination of results
    • D1 Dissemination activities and networking
  • E. Project management
    • E1 Overall project management
    • E2 After LIFE Plan