17-05-2023 Workshop: The Life Projects on Environment & Health: Environmental pollution and infants' health
20-12-2022 What a great way to end 2022!
11-10-2022 Big success at the 2022 European Researchers’ Night
22-07-2022 A Great Success for Life-MILCH at the US Gordon Research Conference!
06-05-2022 Monitoring Visit
09-09-2021 Third meeting on environment, diabetes and endocrinology in Pediatrics
05-08-2021 Breast feeding week from 1 to 7 August
04-08-2021 Future mother recruitment to the project reached 100 enrollments
03-06-2021 Project LIFE MILCH going to have its 2nd monitoring day
14-03-2021 First mother-child pair screening is starting
01-10-2020 Project LIFE MILCH has begun