Future mother recruitment to the project reached 100 enrollments

04-08-2021/ Posted by Giulia Berni/

Project LIFEMILCH, funded by the European Commission and lead by the University of Parma in synergic cooperation with AUSL-IRCCS (Reggio Emilia) and the Universities of Florence and Cagliari, achieved the relevant goal of enrolling more than 100 mothers to the project with their future newborn children.

"It'been a very awkward start because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but as soon as we had a chance to actually begin the recruitment we had an enthusiastic response from the future mothers" said the project leader Prof. Paola Palanza along with Doctor Maria Street (AUSL-IRCCS, Reggio Emilia). We expect to bring the first stage of the project to conclusion by October and the proceed during the ensuing months with the milk evaluation and the children development. Being involved in the project is easy and requires a manageable amount of time, both during pregancy and after the child birth. Furthermore being part of the project enables the mother to more free medical visits.

The project will investigate the health conditions of the mother-child dyad through the collection of common biological samples and following the child growth and development. Mothers will be required to anwser questions about their diet and life style in order to improve their environment and their future health