Prevention Campaign

23-06-2022/ Posted by Silvia Paterlini/

Based on the scientific evidence produced, the project will define a prevention campaign to promote a lifestyle that will reduce maternal exposure to EDCs and improve mother-infant’s health. These prevention activities will be carried out in three different locations: Reggio-Emilia, Parma and Cagliari with three specific targets: pregnant woman and/or breastfeeding mothers, woman of childbearing age, doctors and obstetricians. Three different training paths will be developed for the different targets of the prevention campaign:

  • Women of child-bearing potential

    • presentation of the LIFE MILCH project to the schools
    • distribution of a "teacher's manual" on the objectives, activities, and results of LIFE MILCH particularly dedicated to science teachers with the aim of promoting and inserting the project topic into the ordinary teaching plan-POF
    • distribution of specific brochures for schools and university students
    • distribution of specific posters and brochures in all the medical public facilities of the study area to be delivered to attending women (“consultori”)
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding women

    • distribution of specific posters and brochures in all study area local public medical practitioners (“medici di base” general physicians and family paediatricians), private gynaecologists, public childbirth centers and childbirth classes
    • specific training days during the childbirth classes
  • Physicians

    • Training sessions and encounters with Family doctors, pediatricians, and gynecologists

The efficacy of the prevention campaign will be assessed by a subsequent biomonitoring of mother-infant dyads.